Super Bowl LI with Tostitos

PepsiCo’s Tostitos snack brand has unveiled a limited-edition ‘Party Safe’ bag just in time for the Super Bowl on February 5th.  Tostitos may not be advertising in this year’s Super Bowl, but it still plans to have its presence felt during, and after, the Super Bowl while promoting corporate responsibility.  Beer, pizza and wings are in demand for the big day.  In 2016, beer sales topped $583,000,000.  In an attempt to raise awareness for responsible driving, the chip maker has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to create “alcohol sensor bags,” special Tostitos bags that can tell if you have been drinking.

A USA TODAY reporter received one from the company and can confirm that it does, indeed, work.

The bag is not a breathalyzer and won’t give you an exact measurement of your blood alcohol level, instead opting to look for traces of adult beverages in your breath.  A sensor at the top measures your breath, while lights below the logo flash the results. If the bag does not detect alcohol, the front will light up green.  If alcohol is present, then the front of the bag will flash a red steering wheel with a “don’t drink and drive” message along the bottom.

The front will also flash an Uber code that you can use to get a discount for an Uber ride to help get you home.

The company will be giving out 25,000 $10 Uber discounts to those who purchase any of its chips between now and the Super Bowl as part of its effort to make sure people get home safely.  The codes, which will work for both new and existing Uber users, can be activated by typing in the last five digits of the bag of chips’ UPC barcode after the score is in for New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons.

To help further raise awareness for the partnership the company has partnered with Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker on a video spot. Walker lost an aunt and uncle to a drunk driver following the 2013 Super Bowl, which he played in as a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

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