As a referral entity, we are engaging in a partnership with clients that you refer.  As such, we understand that you are invested in the success of each client and anticipate seeing results that include:

1. A commitment to sobriety
2. Planning for educational advancement
3. Economic self-sufficiency
4. Reunification of families
5. Reduction of the recidivism rates.

The Women’s Recovery Center is prepared to serve as a vital member of your referral system.  Here are the ways that we can work together to achieve these outcomes:

1. The Center has a streamlined referral process. The referral form can be printed and signed by the client and faxed or emailed to the Center.  The Assessment Counselors will then call the client to provide a telephone screening or face-to-face to ensure that the Women’s Recovery Center offers the appropriate level of care.
2. Referral entities receive regular reports and results of urinalysis screenings as needed for Drug Courts or Custody Hearings.
3. The Clinical Team will invite referral entities to participate in team meetings or discussions to keep the client engaged.

The Women’s Recovery Center has 30 years in providing gender specific addiction treatment for women and their families that is trauma integrated.  For women addiction often results from a history of a single or multiple traumatic event.  Often women view alcohol and drugs as a tool to self-medicate to simply feel normal.  Offering specific treatment for women, encourages each client to promote an individualized course of treatment.

The Center is currently engaged in a plan to reconfigure our space to reduce our waiting list from as much as four weeks to 48 hours thus implementing Treatment on Demand.  Upon construction completion, the Center will offer addiction treatment with morning, afternoon and evening hours with an on-site childcare facility for children from the age of two weeks to 12 years.

The Center has developed innovative treatment designed to customize the client and her family’s needs.  In our post-construction environment, we will offer not only intensive outpatient treatment, but here are a few our distinguishing factors for comprehensive treatment:

1. New model of non-medical detoxification that is integrated with physical healthcare
2. Art therapy
3. Drama Therapy
4. Referrals for opioid antagonist treatment medications
5. Family and Marriage Therapy