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The Women’s Recovery Center provides comprehensive alcohol and other drug treatment services to 275 low income and medically indigent women and families per year throughout Northeast Ohio. The Capital Campaign consists of three components for success.


Robert Maschke has won a national and statewide award for the designs to rebuild the Women’s Recovery Center. The construction costs for the interior and exterior renovations, information technology upgrades and furnishings total $750,000 and project the image of healing and recovery.Since our beginning, the Women’s Recovery Center has provided gender specific alcohol and other drug treatment services. The Center is not a “free treatment facility.” All medically uninsured clients pay based on a sliding fee scale to zero, taking into account the family’s financial situation; however, no one is ever refused needed care solely because of the lack of financial resources. In fact, in 2013 the Center provided $260,000 or 25% of our annual budget in charity care for medically indigent women.

With the Opiate Crisis that is gripping Northeast Ohio, an increased need for comprehensive treatment facilities persists. It is estimated that 41,000 women in Cuyahoga County are in need of addiction treatment. Nationally, it is estimated that 22 million Americans require some level of alcohol and other drug treatment; however, 90% are unable to access treatment services. We need your help to change these statistics to liberate women and families.


The rebuilt Center will allow our programs to expand and increase the continuum of care provided to clients. This includes expanded alcohol and other drug treatment access, incorporating a novel program non medical detoxification with mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, art therapy, childcare services and a playground, and workplace readiness skill development. The cost for the increased and sustainable programming is $1,000,000 for the increased volume of licensed professionals and program supplies.


Legacy Gifts will provide maintenance of the rebuilt Center. Our goal is $250,000.

Funds Raised