Recovery is Possible: A Letter to the Women’s Recovery Center

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Recovery is Possible: A Letter to the Women’s Recovery Center

A few weeks ago I was saddened by the videos that surfaced of small and frightened children desperately trying to awaken a parent that was overdosing. Then earlier this week, a father recorded his son’s reaction to his mother’s overdose death. He defended his action by saying that addicts need to see the consequences of that their potential death can have for family members. I can assure you that opioid addicts are not engaged in Facebook. Opioid addicts have an altered brain chemistry. The addiction is so powerful, that they cannot make the connection between the cause and effect of their drug use. These tactics are abusive and scarring to those children.

Although I started this post by saying what is wrong and not working, I am fully prepared to share that recovery is possible and we see it every day at the Women’s Recovery Center. To celebrate their daughter’s one year of sobriety, we received an amazing letter from her parents:

October 5, 2016

Today, as part of a journey that included about a year of support from Women’s Recovery Center, we mark a drug free year with our daughter. While her time, and ours working with the WRC were actually in the preceding year, we have no doubt that the seeds sown there were instrumental in the progress she has made more recently.

We are grateful for the counsel and support of Pam and Carrie, with whom she worked most closely. More personally, Pam was a rock for us as we dealt with building our knowledge base and, ultimately, painful, if appropriate and course-correcting, decisions regarding enablement versus help.

In gratitude for all of that we decided in recent weeks that if we were blessed with reaching this milestone, one way we would observe it is by contributing to the increasingly important work you and yours are dong amid this frightening and largely misunderstood epidemic.

To that end , please accept the enclosed check to use in the manner you see as most appropriate. We are aware of your capital campaign, as well as immediate needs and trust your judgement as to the best application of these funds at this time. Please also share our gratitude with Pam and Carrie.

Just as these parents express their gratitude. Addiction extends beyond the addict. Long term and successful addiction treatment requires individualized care planning a support team that may involve parents, a judge, probation officer or social worker. We see every day the recovery and healing, but it takes a village to create life-long and life-saving change. To learn more how to seek help or learn more about our campaign to double our capacity to Treat Addiction…Liberate Lives, visit our campaign page.

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