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Project Good Cheer, 2011

Project “Good Cheer” is a program that was created more than seven (7) years ago with Loretta Patrick of HealthMor Inc. and students of Cuyahoga Heights High School to ease some of the holiday stress felt by the clients of the Women’s Center.  The project is designed to match a child’s holiday wish with a […]

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Nurturing the Palate

The Cookbook, Nurturing the Palate is being finalized for release. Certain times of the year hold memories of special holidays and family events. The family dinner offers a natural forum that fosters togetherness. Regular family meals also provide children with a much-needed safe haven of stability in a world that is often confusing and frightening. […]

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Baking Memories, 2009

Volunteers Jeff Faubert and Lee Carr coordinated Baking Memories.  Mothers and their children received specially designed Baking Memories Aprons and shared the experience of measuring and mixing together ingredients to create tasty treats. Baking Memories is one step in establishing traditions and one step in reunifying healthy families.     Baking Memories award to the […]

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Project Good Cheer, 2004

Project Good Cheer is a program that was created 5 years ago to ease some of the holiday stress felt by the clients of The Women’s Recovery Center. The way that project “Good Cheer” works is that The Women’s Center finds local organizations to sponsor the clients involved in treatment.   They then match up […]

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