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Programs and Services

The Women’s Recovery Center operates three (3) alcohol and other drug treatment programs offering morning, afternoon and evening, gender specific treatment for women including low income and medically indigent women. Each treatment program is a three-phase program.

PHASE I Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Phase I is a four week program, meeting three times weekly.  The curriculum focuses on the disease concept, defense mechanisms used by addicts, denial and greater understanding of the consequences caused by their use and behaviors.

PHASE II Relapse Prevention

Phase II is a five week program, meeting twice weekly.  The client gains knowledge in creating a relapse prevention plan, positive coping skills and responsible and sober life management.

Beginning in Phase II, clients are encouraged to participate in a 3 week Family Roles and Relationships program to prepare the client to be a clean and sober parent as the family engages in reunification.

PHASE III Aftercare

Phase III is an eight week program, meeting once per week.  The focus is on building support networks for continued sobriety through self-discovery and journal writing.

Practical Parenting Classes

The Women’s RecoveryCenter offers a five week Practical Parenting Class facilitated by a licensed Therapist. The classes meet on Fridays from 9:15am to 11:45am. Charges for the Parenting Classes are $50.00 per person or $75.00 for a couple. The curriculum includes:

Parenting Class 1  Parenting While Using: Avoiding, Enabling, Keeping Secrets, Controlling, Making Promises, Causing Family Shame, Emotion, Sexual and/or Physical Abuse and Instability. Parenting Clean and Sober: Active Parenting, Responsibility, Setting Clear and Appropriate Limits, Enforcing Limits, Appropriate Consequences, Expression of Feelings and Stability.

Parenting Class 2  Development: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social (PIES). Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Erikson’s Stages of Development: Expectations and Age Appropriateness.Skills for Establishing Positive Behavior As A Clean/Sober Parent: Understanding the Child’s Behavior, Awareness, Encouragement, Teaching Responsibility, Modeling Good Behaviors.  Discipline: Appropriate Consequences, Responsibility, Allowing Kids to Make Mistakes.

Parenting Class 3  Building Relationships After Abuse/Addiction: Trust, Honesty, Respect, Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance.  Communication: Avoiding Mixed Messages, Listening, Verbal/Non-verbal Queues, Expression of Feelings.

Parenting Class 4  Your Kids and Drugs/Alcohol: When are they using? How do they find out about drugs and alcohol? How do genetics play a part in my child’s life and possible use? What does the future hold for them? Physical and Psychological Affects.

Parenting Class 5  Checks and Balances: How Are “We” Doing? Creating the Family Spirit. The Family Counsel. Affirmations.

Public Transportation Vouchers

For many of our clients, transportation is often viewed as a barrier to seek and consistently attend treatment services.  Bus tickets are provided to reduce and eliminate this barrier.

Clothing Closet

The Women’s Recovery Center accepts the donation of new and gently used clothing, shoes and accessories for women and children. The clothing is sorted and hung on racks to allow the clients to “shop” to identify things that are needed. The clothes are essential to allow women to prepare for employment and self-sufficiency. The clothing is provided free of charge to the clients.

As an IRS recognized non-profit organization, the donation of clothing is a qualifying contribution.  Receipts are provided for the donor to estimate the value of the contribution.  Clothing and accessories can be delivered to the Women’s Recovery Center located at 6209 Storer Avenue on Cleveland’s west side.  Because space for donations is often limited, we ask that you please call ahead to schedule an date for drop off.

Computer Lab

With volunteer support, the Women’s Recovery Center offers one-on-one computer instruction for clients to gain basic computer skills and to have access resume, application and cover templates to aid in the client’s job search, identification of housing and applications for secondary education and financing options.