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National Trivia Day

January 4th is celebrated as National Trivia Day.  It is an opportunity for us to share those little trinkets of knowledge.  It does not matter how big or how trivial.  Use this day to dazzle your friends and family with generous portions of trivia today.

Celebrate the day by participating in a Drug Awareness Trivia Contest.  After completing the test, the answers are available here. Please remember to report your scores in the comments below.

1. The most commonly abused drug in the United States is:
A. Marijuana
B. Alcohol
C. Heroin
D. Cocaine

2. Most drug users have first use of illicit drugs with:
A. Drug dealer
B. Friends
C. Accidentally
D. On their own

3. More people die each year in the United States as a result of:
A. Alcohol
B. Tobacco
C. Heroin
D. Cocaine

4. The majority of inhalant users are:
A. MenB. Children
C. Women
D. The elderly

5. Marijuana is much stronger than it was 10 years ago.
A. True
B. False

6. Marijuana can remain detectable in your body for:
A. 2 days
B. 1 week
C. 1 month

7. The use of alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy:
A. Should stop after 12 weeks
B. Is a risk at any point
C. In small doses is not a risk

8. A shot of hard liquor contains the same amount of pure alcohol as a can of beer.
A. TrueB. False

9. A cold shower or a cup of black coffee will sober up a person who has been excessively drinking.
A. True
B. False

10. A blunt is marijuana in a:
A. Cigarette
B. Cigar
C. Pipe

11. The high from a typical dose of crack cocaine lasts:
A. 1 hour
B. 30 minutes
C. 5 minutes

12. PCP is also known as:
A. Acid
B. Smack
C. Angel dust
D. Ludes

13. Physical dependence can involve painful withdrawal symptoms when the drug is no longer being used.
A. True
B. False