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A Year in Review at the Women’s Recovery Center

In reflecting on the year 2016 there are many events that were amazing, celebrations, sadness and of course a sense of uneasiness with the unknowns in the coming year.  Here are a few of the highlights as recognized by the Women’s Recovery Center.

With the public announcement of the Center’s  Rebuilding Lives Campaign, chaired by Dave and Lisa O’Brien, donors have positively responded and supported our vision to double our capacity to treat addiction and reduce our waiting list from as much as 4 weeks down to 48 hours.  There is a clear understanding that providing access to individualized and comprehensive treatment services results in sobriety and family reunification.  The Center has raised $822,000 of our $1,100.000 goal.  Other celebrations for our Cleveland community included the Cleveland Monsters Calder Cup winning season followed by the Cleveland Cavaliers national championship and the Cleveland Indians American League Title.

On June 8th, the Center hosted our 7th annual graduation with Judge David T. Matia serving as the Keynote Speaker.  The women that successfully completed the treatment program were able to share their hard work and dedication to recovery with their families and support system.  On August 31st, the Women’s Recovery Center hosted our ceremonial “wall breaking” to commemorate the impending construction to reconfigure our facility.  August 31st also is recognized as Overdose Awareness Day and Terminal Tower was illuminated in purple to recognize the day’s significance.  With bi-partisan support and leadership from Senator Sherrod Brown  and Senator Rob Portman the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) was approved and funds have now been authorized to expand the capacity for drug treatment and prevention services.

In 2016, there were a number of public figures that have been lost during this year including Governor George Voinovich and former astronaut and Senator John Glenn.  For the Center, we have been overwhelmed by an accelerating opioid overdose death rate.  By the end of the year, it is expected that 600 individuals will lose their lives to fatal overdoses in Northeast Ohio.  An Ohioan loses their battle with opioid addiction every three hours.  Per capita, Ohio leads the nation in fatal opioid overdoses.

As for the unknowns, with a new administration leading our government, the Women’s Recovery Center will utilize our networks to inform, educate, and advocate.  The thought of change can be more frightening than the actual change.  The Women’s Recovery Center will also be making a series of changes in 2017.  We will be occupying what will appear to be a new, inviting, healing environment focused on long term recovery with expanded programming and increased staff members.  After all, standing still just means that you are falling behind.  You still have time to contribute to our life-saving mission.  Please help to expand our vision with a donation for the new year.