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Treating Addiction, Liberating Lives

The Women's Recovery Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment, prevention and education programs that are client-centered, family-based and recovery-focused.

Our approach

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What others are saying

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“I liked the Women’s Center because I felt like I could be open.  I felt comfortable and the staff was very caring.”

“The Women’s Recovery Center and all of their staff has taught me not only how to deal with my disease, but how to get back into the real world.  They have taught me about time management, the work force, and the tools I need to live in recovery.”

I would recommend that all women attend a women’s only treatment facility.  I felt at home and respected.

Our Team

Meet the Center Staff


Pam Bouyer, MMFT, LICDC  

Addiction Treatment Counselor

I began as an intern in 2000. I am now the Primary ...

    mary jane

    Mary Jane Chichester

    Executive Director

    As the Executive Director, my role is to create and maintain an ...


      Liza Cruz

      Billing Specialist

      Beginning as a volunteer with the Center, throughout the years I have ...


        Carol Combs, LPCC, LICDC

        Addiction Treatment Counselor

        I am the Primary Counselor for morning treatment. Guiding a woman through ...


          Carrie Kozak-Hietala, LSW, MSW

          Assessment and Relapse Prevention Couselor

          I assess women when they first enter the agency. As the evening ...


            Shereen Robinson

            Administrative Assistant

            I am the first person you meet when you call or visit ...

              IMG_0637 2

              Sheryl Anderson

              I am a registered nurse, a licensed professional counselor, and an art ...