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Treating Addiction, Liberating Lives

The Women’s Recovery Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment, prevention and education programs that are client-centered, family-based and recovery-focused.

Our approach

The Women's Recovery Center Capital Campaign.

Every three hours an Ohioan loses their battle with opioid addiction. The Women's Recovery Center is expanding access for women and their families to access addiction treatment by doubling our capacity and decreasing the waiting list from as much as four weeks to 48 hours. For a glimpse into our awarding winning project, please view this special video.

Learn More Here

30 years of Treating Addiction ... Liberating Lives results in


births of drug-free babies


“I liked the Women’s Center because I felt like I could be open.  I felt comfortable and the staff was very caring.”

“The Women’s Recovery Center and all of their staff has taught me not only how to deal with my disease, but how to get back into the real world.  They have taught me about time management, the work force, and the tools I need to live in recovery.”

I would recommend that all women attend a women’s only treatment facility.  I felt at home and respected.


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